That Way Madness Lies

Trouble is Worth Only So Much Gold

i’m doing my duty as a citizen of this land and have been hired to perform a task for the goverment. I have no doubt pristige and honor will be bestowed upon me upon completion of such a task

HA! if anyone thinks these words would leave my salty lips is dead wrong and ill be happy to enforce the dead part. i earn my respect just as any pirate through pillaging stealing drinking and of course selling slaves. i have broken every law that this… this… fuck… what is that word… goverment? yeah, every law this goverment has ever put in place, and if I havent i clearly have some work to do. i will be paid and put this money towards my own ship. soon enough i will have my own crew and we shall pillage the coast just as i have always done.

i have no doubt the woman in white is doing this for her country, but she has no idea how the world works outside of her… her… oh fuck… her world or whatever. Either way shes a pain in my ass. Shell no doubt threaten me when I try to make some extra money on the side. Shell threaten to tell whoever the fuck she thinks can control me. ill then escape back to one of the many ships that I have pillaged with and be outside the control of any authority. i have no need for her petty rules.

as for the merchant he is nothing more than a pirate who deals in “fine” goods, fucking self absorbed. He acts as though slave trading is so terrible, but in fact I bet slaves is the only thing that he doesn’t trade in. That ass sells people drugs. At least slaves can escape. If someone needs a slave, ill give ‘em what they want. People die of drugs, slaves escape (of course then ill probably sell ‘em back in, but that’s beside the point). I don’t damn them, so fuck him. The asshole will probably try and stop a lot of the things im going to try. Maybe I should friend ’im? Fuck… He doesn’t like slave trading, fuck that, but I bet him and me can make some decent cash running something on the side.

The arcane thing (fucker might not even be human anymore) just bothers me. He fucks with people for the sake of fucking with them. shit the fucker might fuck with me for no damned reason. but seeing as he doesn’t follow the rules of this shitty land maybe I can use him to my advantage. He doesn’t care much for society and neither do i. Hell, the only good thing society ever did for me was give me beer, and I have to pay for that shit. I’ll keep that Ace if I need it.

ill see if this fucking ragtag group assembled by this inept… shit what was that word again… fuckin government! Assembled by this government is even worth my time. i mean, im only getting so much gold. At least when I sell slaves im working with people who agree with me. fuck, when I sell slaves I work with people who will eventually work for me. Quitting in the middle and going back to the piers is always an option.



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