Otter Sorenson


Growing up a fisherman is hard, a fisherman’s firstborn even harder. Sooner or later the cod and haddock don’t flock to the nets as they once did, and all the sacrifices to the God of the Seas only makes the hardship ache more acutely. So what is a man to do, when piracy is only for people of ill-breeding with no respect for their families or ancestors and the sea is the only place where men are equal?

You smuggle, naturally.

Tjaden “Otter” Sorenson has been plying the waves with family members and business associates for several years now, and has made his living moving contraband past watchful guards and violent criminals. He earned his nickname; swift and cunning, sleek and dextrous but fights like a bolt of lightning covered in razors when it must. The rampant creature adorns a fine teak buckler that he bought in the south and is inscribed into the leather of his exotic grey coat of hidemail with enchanted silver thread. Otter is motivated by coin and adventure, especially when that adventure benefits those hard up against it. Never forget where you came from, after all.

Otter Sorenson

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