Sigrún Mildr

Work.661550.6.flat 550x550 075 f.the high priestessThe moment she gave birth to a quiet girl-child with one brown and one green eye, Vígdís Ketilsdóttir knew that she would dedicate the girl’s life to Odin, the One-Eyed. Sigrún Eysteinsdóttir grew up pious, with an aptitude for healing, cementing her mother’s determination to dedicate her to the All-Father, as only the wealthy could afford. At twelve she was sent to Odensa for further education; at sixteen she was ordained a priestess of Odin. As a healing specialist, she adopted the honorific Mildr in stead of her father’s name: Sigrún the Merciful.

After six years of the god’s service, Sigrún has been assigned to officiate at the Games, serving as healer and, less frequently but no less importantly, as undertaker in reference to Odin’s role as psychopomp. When she is assigned to accompany a group of characters of questionable moral integrity to investigate some unusual pirate activity off the coast, she is less than happy. But Sigrún will do her duty by her god, and above all, her pride.

The Mad Hermit

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Adventure Logs

  1. Before Departing

Sigrún Mildr

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